PN3000 Detectors

The PN3600 Series of Multi-Angle Light Scattering detectors has been especially developed for coupling with Postnova Field-Flow Fractionation separation systems.

Since the 1990s Postnova has been a leading innovator and developer of special advanced online Light Scattering solutions for coupling with chromatographic separation systems.

High Sensitivity Online Dynamic Light Scattering Detector, special customized for use connected to Field-Flow Fractionation (AF2000, CF2000 and TF2000).

The new PN3150 deflection type differential Refractive Index Detector is a detection system which offers the highest sensitivity combined with exceptional baseline stability at the same time.

The PN3211 UV Detector provides an exceptional level of sensitivity and stability. As a high sensitive UV detector the PN3211 has a noise level of 0.5×10-5 AU max., making it one of the most sensitive UV detectors (ASTM Standards).
The PN3241 DAD detector provides users with a very high level of sensitivity and stability found in DAD detectors today. The PN3241 attains sensitivity levels approaching the most advanced UV-Vis detectors.

The Postnova PN3411 Fluorescence Detector has an excellent basic performance which offers world-leading sensitivity, excellent ease of maintenance and validation support functions.

The Postnova PN3310 Viscometer detector is a state-of-the-art intrinsic viscosity detector for Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) and Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC).

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