PN3411 FL Detector

PN3411 Fluorescence Detector

The Postnova PN3411 Fluorescence Detector has an excellent basic performance which offers world-leading sensitivity, excellent ease of maintenance and validation support functions. They support a wide range of applications from conventional analysis to ultra fast analysis.

Achieves World-Leading Sensitivity

Thanks to a newly designed optical system the PN3411 offers world-leading levels of sensitivity. A Water Raman S/N ratio of 1200 for PN3411 makes the detector a powerful tool for analysis that demands the detection off trace-level components.

Easy Maintenance for Ease of Use

The PN3411 offers excellent ease-of-use as well as superb performance.

Maintenance from Front Panel

The Xenon lamp and flow cell can be replaced at the front panel. No positional adjustment is required when replacing the Xenon lamp. No tools are required to replace the flow cell. The standard flow cell or semimicro flow cell can be rapidly switched.

Long-Life Lamp Reduces Running Costs

The Xenon lamp is extended to 2000 hours, four times longer than previous lamps. This significantly reduces running costs and down-time due to maintenance.

Validation Functions Provide Powerful Support for Daily Analysis Tasks

The PN3411 offers comprehensive validation functions.

Simple Wavelength Calibration

If a wavelength displacement is discovered in the PN3411 detector during the system check, it can be easily corrected by using the calibration menu. It is not necessary to provide a separate low-pressure mercury lamp each time the check is conducted.

Simple Output of System Check Reports

Simple operations from the workstation permit all tasks from conducting the system check to printing the report. The system check automatically checks all essential items for instrument management. The system check results are automatically saved in the analysis data acquired by the detector to allow confirmation of the instrument status at the time the data was acquired and to further enhance the reliability of the analysis data.

Light Source:

Xenon lamp

Wavelength Range:

200 to 650 nm

Spectral Brandwidth

20 nm

Wavelength Accuracy

± 2 nm

Wavelength Reproduction

± 0.2 nm


Water Raman peak S/N 1200 min.

Cell Capacity

12 µL

Cell Pressure

2 MPa

Cell Material

PTFE (fluororesin), quartz

Simultaneous Monitoring of 2
Cell Sampling Period

0.5 s per wavelength


260 x 210 x 420 mm, 16 kg


Flow Cell 12 µL Photomultiplier R3788 (extension 200 to 750 nm)



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