PN3211 UV Detector

PN3211 UV Detector

The PN3211 UV Detector provides an exceptional level of sensitivity and stability. As a high sensitive UV detector the PN3211 has a noise level of 0.5×10-5 AU max., making it one of the most sensitive UV detectors (ASTM Standards).

  • Greater Baseline Stability
    Supplied as standard, a temperature-controlled flow cell eliminates inconsistencies caused by changes in absorbance due to shifts in room temperature. This helps to increase the baseline stability and the analysis reliability.
  • Superior Linearity - 2.5AU
    Using newly developed signal processing technology the stray-light correction function has been enhanced and the linearity has been improved. This expanded linearity combines various noise-reduction technologies to provide users with a wide dynamic range and allows the analysis of your target compound and minor impurities in a single run.
  • Internal Validation Protocol
    The incorporation of a low-pressure mercury lamp for wavelength calibration ensures simple calibration in the ultraviolet region.
  • Dual-Wavelength Measurement
    Monitor two components in the UV range simultaneously.

Flow Cells

  • Z-DET-3211-001 Analytical, Peek
  • Z-DET-3211-002 Analytical, Stainless Steel
  • Z-DET-3211-003 Preparative, Stainless Steel

Detector Lamps

  • Z-DL-PN3211 D2-Lamp, Pre-aligned, Longlife
Light Source:

Deuterium lamp

Wavelength Range:

190 – 700 nm

Wavelength Accuracy:

± 1 nm

Noise Level:

± 0.25x10-5 AU max.


1x10-4 AU/h max. (250 nm, room temperature constant, air in cell)
3x10-4 AU/h max. (250 nm, room temperature fluctuation less than 2°C, air in cell)

Operating Temperature:

4 - 35°C

Cell Temperature Range:

5°C above room temperature to 50°C, at 1°C steps


11 steps selectable (corresponding to time constant 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0 sec)


0.0001 – 2.56 AUFS (selectable in 0.0001 AUSF steps)

Zero Adjustment:

Auto zero function, baseline shift function

Wavelength Steps:

1–5 nm, selectable in 5 steps
2–5 nm when W lamp is used

Scanning Speed:

10 – 50 nm/sec, in 5 steps

Spectrum Plot:

output speed 1, 3, 10 nm/sec

Optical Path Length:

10 mm

Cell Volume:

12 µL

Pressure Resistance:

12 MPa

Wetted Surface Materials:

SUS316L, quartz, PFA

Dimensions (WxHxD)/Weight:

260 x 140 x 420 mm; 13 Kg

Power Requirements:

100/120/220-240 V, 50/60Hz

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