NovaFFF Suite

NovaFFF Suite

NovaFFF Software

The NovaFFF software is based on a “one Software for all devices” strategy, incorporating system control, data collection and data evaluation as well as reporting.

The easy to use NovaFFF Software:
  • Very flexible: simple integration of hardware components e.g. autosampler, pumps and various detectors
  • Important security and monitoring functions: pump and channel pressure, manually or automatically shut down of the system when a set maximum pressure value is exceeded 
  • Run data file: pressures, flows and additional analog detector signals are stored
  • log history file: main actions and controls are logged
  • PC and LAN controlled: integration within the companies local network (LAN) with own IP address for every FFF system. State-of-the-art communication protocols using TCP/IP
  • unique FFF-LS Integration: controlling the FFF platform together with Light Scattering detector in just one application

No more start-up of two programs, copy and pasting of methods between different programs or problems about the stability of the multitasking capabilities of the PC operating system when using NovaFFF.

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