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Unique patented Flow FFF Channels

To cover the broadest application range possible, Postnova developed the unique AF2000 MultiFlow FFF platform which can use various Flow FFF techniques such as Asymmetric or Hollow Fiber Flow FFF. To allow most flexible and efficient use of the different techniques, together with maintaining highest levels of resolution, recovery and reproducibility, Postnova invented and patented* an unparalleled set of Flow FFF channel cartridges which fit perfectly with the new AF2000 MultiFlow FFF Series.

These cartridges incorporate either planar Asymmetric Flow FFF (AF4) or tubular Hollow Fiber Flow FFF (HF5) channels. Although AF4 and HF5 are not new techniques the so far available home-made or commercial channels showed significant drawbacks and inherently strong limitations. These problems have now been overcome with the Postnova cartridge technology. Additionally, the Postnova Flow FFF channels are available as re-usable and disposable cartridges.


  • Better Resolution
  • Better Recovery
  • Better Reproducibility
  • Better Compatibility
  • Better Flexibility
  • Better Handling
  • Custom Cartridges


* Patent # DE19808992, EP1879025


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