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Channels for Asymmetrical Flow FFF Systems

Improved AF4 Cartridge Design

The new and improved NovaFlow channel cartridge technology, with its new and modern design sets the standards for the next generation of FFF systems. The unique new design means the cartridge can be compressed more evenly and strongly than previous designs ensuring perfect performance even under high pressures and flow rates. At the same time, the new cartridge system provides the highest number of variants and options to meet a broad number of applications and method requirements.

Because of its technical superior design the Postnova cartridge provides unmatchable resolution, reproducibility and recovery, and shows no leaks or deformation meaning excellent run-to-run reproducibility even with changing flow and pressure rates.

NovaFlow Cartridge Advantages

  • Custom Cartridges: Configure your own “custom made” cartridge by selecting the top/bottom blocks and o-rings which best suit your application. The available versions are: standard, organic, bio-inert and electrical. The channels can be configured to support Smart Stream Splitting (S3) and Frit-Inlet. Five channel dimensions are available: micro, mini, analytical, semiprep and prep.
  • Heating and Cooling: Heating and cooling is possible within the range of 5 - 90°C in combination with our PN4020 channel oven. Cooling is especially important for many biological analytes.
  • Better Pressure Stability: Enhanced pressure stability due to improved sealing. This results in higher reproducibility even at high pressures. The improved sealing system also prevents micro leakages.
  • Better Performance: The improved design results in better recovery and shorter retention times with high resolution.
  • Better Handling: Improved and optimized channel design using high quality materials such as carbon enhanced PEEK result in a reduction of the number of fixing screws as well as a reduction of weight by 45 %.

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