Product Range

Different light sources are used in various areas of science and analytical instrumentation. Postnova offers specific lamps for many important applications and techniques such as absorbance (UV/VIS) and fluorescence (FLD) detection in liquid chromatography (HPLC), elemental analysis by atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), spectral photometry and for microscopy applications. Therefore, Postnova offers a special series of Deuterium lamps (UV, AAS), Tungsten lamps (VIS, Microscopy), Xenon lamps (FLD, Microscopy) and Hollow Cathode lamps (AAS) which are exclusively listed in this catalogue. These lamps can be used for instruments from Agilent Technologies but we also supply lamps for basically all other manufacturers which are active in the area of scientific analytical instrumentation.


Supported Instruments:

- Agilent Technologies
- Shimadzu
- Perkin Elmer
- Waters
- Thermo
- Varian
- and many more