PN3700 Zetasizer Nano DLS Detector

PN3700 Zetasizer Nano DLS Detector


High Sensitivity Online Dynamic Light Scattering Detector, special customized for use connected to Field-Flow Fractionation (AF2000, CF2000 and TF2000). Possibility to perform online DLS measurement to obtain Particle Size (Rh), Molecular Weight (Mw), Zeta potential and corresponding distributions of dispersed particles and molecules separated by Flow, Centrifugal and Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation.

Zetasizer Flow Detector

The advanced detector hardware allows operation in Online Mode connected to FFF with a special flow cell for continuous DLS and also in Offline Mode using standard cuvette cells as standalone detector for batch DLS measurements. The system allows input of up to two additional external FFF detectors (e.g. RI, UV, FLD, etc.) and automated operation when used together with the PN9020 Interface Box for remote start capability. The Zetasizer Nano is connected as the last detector in line. Switch between flow and batch mode measurements is achieved by simply changing the cuvette within seconds. The system will automatically identify eluted FFF peaks without any calibration, expressed as size or molecular mass. Software allows overlay of RI, UV and FLD traces with Rh data and also static light scattering intensity signal. Using the Zetasizer Nano there is no need to rely on size or molecular weight calibration standards for FFF anymore.

Zetasizer Flow Software

The advanced detector software allows fully automated operation and ease of use by employing SOPs for repeatability between operators, systems and sites. There is a custom report generator integrated to meet the requirements of every laboratory. Several parameters can be easily monitored, such as temperature trend analysis, time trend analysis, selected parameter trend analysis, overplotting of results for direct comparison and a full range of statistical plots.

Online Mode Specifications

Particle size range (Dh): 2.0 nm - 2.0 µm*
Molecular weight range estimated from Dh or calculated form Debye plot: 10E4 - 10E7 Da*
Sensitivity: 200 µg total sample for 67.000 Da BSA; 50 µg of 60nm polystyrene latex,
Typical FFF flow rate range: 0.05 to 1.0 mL/min
Pressure range: maximum 1.5 bar differential pressure at cuvette inlet/outlet
* Depending on sample material, concentration and FFF flow rate

Batch Mode Specifications

Particle size range (Dh): 0.3 nm - 10 µm; Peak mode range (Dh),
0.6 nm - 8.9 µm
Molecular weight range estimated from Dh: 342 - 2x10E7 Da*
Molecular weight range calculated via Debye plot: 980 - 2x10E7 Da*
Sensitivity: 0.1 ppm*, 0.1 mg/mL, 15 kDa protein; 0.1 ppm of 60 nm
polystyrene latex, conc.
maximum: 40% w/v*
Minimum sample volume: 12 µL
* Depending on sample material, concentration and FFF flow rate

Options (to be selected)
  • High power laser/alternative wavelength 50 mW, 532 nm
  • High temperature up to 120°C
  • Narrow band fi lters for 633 nm or 532 nm to improve signal for fluoresce samples
  • Pharma 21 CFR part 11 software option, enabling an operating mode that assists with ER/ES compliance
  • Research software option for advanced system utilities
  • Zetapotential measurement option
Detection Principle:

Dynamic Light Scattering detector with non-invasive back scatter (NIBS®)

Temperature Range:

0°C - 90°C


S/ZS: 4 mW He-Ne, 633 nm
ZSP: 10 mW. 633 nm
Green Laser 532 nm on request

Laser Attenduator:

Automatic, transmission 100% to 0.0003%

Zeta Potential Sensitivity:

ZS: 10 mg/mL 66 kDa Protein
ZSP: 1 mg/mL 15 kDa Protein


Avalanche Photodiode,
Q.E > 50% at 633 nm

Product Laser Class:

Class 1 Compliant, EN 60825-1:2001 and CDRH

Particle Size Range (Dh):

0.3 nm - 10 µm

Minimum Sample Volume:

12 µL

Minimum Volume for Automated Measurement:

4 mL

Minimum Sample Concentration:

0.1 mg/mL Lysozyme
0.1 ppm polystyrene latex (60 nm)

Maximum Sample Concentration:

40% w/v*

Flow Rate Maximum:

1 mL/min

Absolute Molecuar Weight Range using Debye Plot:

980 Da - 2x10E7 Da+

Molecular Weight Range estimated from Hydrodynamic Diameter:

342 Da - 2x10E7 Da+


approx. 21 kg

Dimensions (WxHxL):

320 mm x 260 mm x 600 mm

Power Supply:

AC 120-240V; 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption:

100 W

NIBS® and Zetasizer are Trademarks of Malvern Ltd.