The PN3510 ELS detector is a new type of Evaporative Light Scattering detector for universal concentration detection in FFF applications.
The Postnova PN3000 XPT Online Particle Size Detector is a new type of detection system which combines optical particle sizing with advanced CCD detection and fast image analysis.
The Postnova PN1130 Isocratic Pump is a solvent delivery system which has been specially developed and strictly optimized for the best performance in Field-Flow Fractionation.
The PN1150 Quaternary Pump (Low Pressure Gradient pump) is a bio-inert HPLC/FPLC solvent delivery system to convey liquids for analytical and semipreparative applications.
The PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter (S3) module is a microprocessor-controlled metering pump which allows precise and automated outlet splitting of the eluent stream leaving the FFF channel.
For one thing, many Flow FFF separations require sub-ambient temperatures for sufficient stability and to prevent microorganisms or grow. On the other hand, especially polymer separations benefit also from elevated temperatures up to 90°C.

The PN5120 Manual Injector and Holder is a modular holder and injection valve for different FFF channels and SEC columns.

The PN5300 automatic sample injector includes the latest state-of-the-art auto injector technology, such as a double needle with positive headspace pressure, extensive wash routines for minimal carry over and three injection modes including micro liter pick-up mode for zero sample loss, huge injection range and full biocompatibility.