January 27th - 29th, Virtual Zoomposium

Postnova proudly presents the latest development: The Postnova PN3460 Raman Flow Cell for the hyphenation of Field-Flow Fractionation and Raman Microspectroscopy enabling size-resolved chemical identification of micro- and nanoplastics'.

This video is part of the SCM-X product pitch session. Click here for the video.

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AnalyticaVirtualBooth 2020

October 19th - 23rd, Virtual Show

Visit our Virtual Booth at the Analytica 2020!

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What can you expect?

  • Learn more about our Applications and find Solutions for:
    Nanomedicine & Nanoparticles: Liposomes, Exosomes, Viruses, Gene Vectors, Vaccines, Gold, Silver, TiO2, Latex, Silica, Graphene
    Biopolymers & Macromolecules: Synthetic Polymers, Rubbers, Branched Macromolecules, Starch, Pectin, Gelatins, Hyaluronic Acid
    Environmental & Food: Water Soil Particles, Clays and Minerals, Humic and Fulvic Colloids, Silica and Cosmetic Ingredients
  • Get to know more about our New Products:
    New FFF Software for precise run simulations, efficient method development and sample run optimization
    New FFF Channel Series for faster, flexible and temperature controlled Nano to Prep scale fractionations
    New Raman Detection Flow Cell
    as newest addition to our FFF-Detector-Platform
  • Listen to our Analytica FFF-MALS Webinar – 22nd of October 2020, 12:15 (Berlin, UTC+2:00):
    Title: Characterization of Proteins, Antibodies, Viruses, Polymers, Nanoparticles and More by FFF-MALS
  • Registration is Free:

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