Novel characterization platform for the multidimensional characterization of magnetic nanoparticles based on the combination of Field-Flow Fractionation and Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy

In a joint publication with the Metrology for Magnetic Nanoparticles Working Group at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Postnova Analytics reports the development of a novel multi-detector characterization platform for magnetic nanoparticles.


This setup includes the newly developed Magnetic Particle Spectrometer (MPS) that was coupled online to multi-detector Field-Flow Fractionation (AF4-UV-MALS-MPS).

This novel platform is particularly useful to support the rational design of magnetic nanoparticles with optimized imaging capabilities in Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI).

More information about this novel platform and its unique features can be found here:

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