Dr. Thorsten Klein: Presentation at Laboratory & Analytics Forum

Dr. Thorsten Klein, founder and CEO of Postnova gave a talk about Field-Flow Fractionation as a new analytical tool for nanoscience during the "Nanotechnology and Particle Characterization" session in the Laboratory and Analytics Forum at Analytica 2012. Title: Field-Flow Fractionation - A new Standard analytical Tool for Nano Science.

This most important key talk of the Nanotech and Particle Session in the Laboratory and Analytics forum attracted many visitors and attenties not only from Analytica trade show and Analytica Conference, but also from the nearby Analytica Live Lab where Field-Flow Fractionation coupled with Multi-Angle Light Scattering was running under live conditions for three days.

The talk was about Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) and online coupling with Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). Special focus was put on the innovative CF2000 Series Centrifugal Field-Flow Fractionation technique as a gentle and highest resolution chromatographic technique for separation and characterization of nano and micro particles. The CF2000 has been already nominated for this years's GIT Innovation Award 2012 at Analytica, as one of the most innovative products presented. Additionally the new Postnova PN3621 MALS Series Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector was highlighted, which is finaly the world's first commercial 21-Angle MALS detector, allowing absolute Molar Mass and Size determination without the use of relative standard calibration.

Further topics of the talk have been AF2000 Series Hollow Fiber Flow FFF (HF5) for biomolecule separations, AF2000 Series Asymmetric Flow FFF (AF4) as a universal separation technique for proteins, macromolecules and particles, TF2000 Series Thermal FFF (TF3) as an efficient technique for characterization of large cross-linked and gel-type polymers and the Malvern* Zetasizer Nano* Series DLS as the most powerful online Dynamic Light Scattering detector for Field-Flow Fractionation in order to obtain absolute hydrodynamic particles sizes.

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