Postnova is G.I.T. InnovationsAward Winner

The worldwide unique Postnova CF2000 Centrifugal Field-Flow Fractionation is winner of the prestigious GIT InnovationsAward.

And the winner is ...
The Postnova CF2000 Centrifugal Field-Flow Fractionation!

The Nanoparticle Separator is the most innovative Instrument in the main category “Analytical Instrumentation and Software” of the GIT InnovationsAward. Already in the past the Postnova TF2000 Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation was an innovation award winner as well.

Important manufacturers have submitted their innovative lab and analytical instrument solutions and applied for the G.I.T. InnovationsAward. An independent jury consisting of established scientists has narrowed down the choice from a large number of submissions.
Finally there were up to 5 nominees in the following categories:

  • Analytical Instrumentation and Software
  • Biotechnology and Life Science
  • Laboratory Equipment & Technology
  • Furniture & Accessories

The analytical community could vote for the nominated instruments online as well as on Analytica and Achema shows. Many visitors took the opportunity to get a demonstration of the CF2000 Centrifugal FFF at the Live Lab on Analytica or discussed there new possibilities for their applications with us on our Analytica and Achema booths.

At this point we want to thank the jury and all our voters for making our worldwide unique instrument the G.I.T. InnovationsAward Winner and the G.I.T. editorial department for setting up this award and giving us the change to participate.

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