We provide a great variety of flexible fused silica capillary products with inner diameters from 2 - 700 μm and with numerous coatings available. We can supply a wide range of tubing from thin walled polyimide coated flexible fused silica to thick walled silica quartz tubes without coating. We can provide custom sizes, custom tolerances, and a wide range of durable and protective coatings with lowest tolerances to meet our customer’s needs.


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FSS Standard Polyimide Coating


  • Standard Polyimide Coating
  • Synthetic Fused Silica
  • 100% proof tested at 100 kpsi
  • High Temperature Operation up to 400 °C

FSU UV Transparent Coating


  • UV Transparent Coating
  • Synthetic Fused Silica
  • Operation up to 160 °C

FSP Precision Windowed Capillary

  • PreCut with window for CE-instruments
  • 1m length for general applications
  • Window 2mm long for use in CE
  • Based on FSS Fused Silica Tubing

FSF Square Flexible Capillary


  • Standard Polyimide Coating as FSS
  • Synthetic Fused Silica with high strength
  • Operation up to 350 °C
  • Intermittent up to 400°C