NovaAnalysis Software

Field-Flow Fractionation (FFF) is a very powerful and adaptable separation technology that provides excellent results even in difficult applications. Since the performance is highly dependent on the selected instrument flow profiles, often several test measurements are necessary to develop the best method for an unknown sample. Optimization via simulation helps our FFF users to save instrument time and sample in finding optimum separation parameters. NovaAnalysis is a new and dynamic evaluation software package with integrated method simulation based on published AF4 theory. The NovaAnalysis software has been developed based on the theoretical work of Prof. Giddings, who invented the technique, and the many years of continuous research and development since. With its aid, the user can significantly reduce the time required for method development in FFF by running a series of virtual experiments. All method parameters such as channel flow, cross-flow profile, channel dimensions and focusing conditions can be varied and their effect on the results simulated and checked immediately. The resulting virtual method can be loaded into the AF4 or EAF4 instrument and used to make a real analytical run with the sample.


Simulating an FFF Run

The software fully simulates separations on an advanced Postnova AF2000 (AF4), EAF2000 (EAF4), CF2000 (CF3) or TF2000 (TF3) system, including the ability to enter sample information and all possible dimensional variants of FFF channels and the corresponding flows. Any method parameter can be applied to virtual runs and compared with other sets of parameters. The simulation avoids performing multiple real fractionation runs and consuming sample material, and also reduces laboratory analysis time.

Optimizing FFF Methods

Advanced software features allow the optimization of FFF methods by simulating fractionation runs with different parameters to find the best combination of parameters to achieve optimal measurement results. After optimizing the method by simulation, a real fractionation can be performed by exporting the optimized method and then running it on the AF2000 or EAF2000 system.


EAF4 Module


EAF4 allows a size-resolved determination of the electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential of components in complex mixtures. There are 3 calculation models selectable: Smoluchowski, Hückel and Debye length. Calculations are based on the effective E-field strength from conductivity at each shifted peak.

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