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  1. Peters, Ruud;Dam, Guillaime ten;Bouwmeester, Hans;Helsper, Hans;Allmaier, Günter;Kammer, Frank vd;Ramsch, Roland;Solans, Conxita;Tomaniová, Monika;Hajslova, Jana;Weigel, Stefan, 2011
    Identification and characterization of organic nanoparticles in food
  2. Henderson, Russell;Kabengi, Nadine;Mantripragada, Nehru;Cabrera, Miguel;Hassan, Sayed;Thompson, Aaron, 2012
    Anoxia-induced release of colloid and nanoparticle-bound phosphorus in grassland soils
  3. Bell, Nia C.;Minelli, Caterina;Tompkins, Jordan;Stevens, Molly M.;Shard, Alexander G., 2012
    Emerging Techniques for Submicrometer Particle Sizing Applied to Stöber Silica
  4. Contado, Catia;Pagnoni, Antonella, 2008
    TiO2 in Commercial Sunscreen Lotion: Flow Field-Flow Fractionation and ICP-AES Together for Size Analysis
  5. Contado, Catia;Pagnoni, Antonella, 2010
    TiO2 nano- and micro-particles in commercial foundation creams: Field Flow-Fractionation techniques together with ICP-AES and SQW Voltammetry for their characterization