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Trainings and Seminars 2019

Postnova does not only supply complete solutions for Field-Flow Fractionation-Light Scattering systems but also aims at providing the knowledge needed to operate these systems and get results from the very beginning. Standard user training courses are offered on a regular basis for all 3 main FFF-Series in our European Application Center (EAC) in Landsberg near Munich. We recommend to attend these Standard Seminars within 1 month before or after  installation of a new FFF-LS system. Our experience shows that the user saves much time in getting started with the technology and in generating first results as well as avoiding errors in system handling when this standard user training is completed.

Contents of the Standard FFF User Seminar: Theoretical talks about FFF and Light Scattering with focus on theory and basics. Practical work in the laboratory using the FFF and detectors systems. Learn how to operate the systems, develop a method, evaluate data and calculate molar mass and particle size. Learn how to calibrate the instrument and how to perform instrument maintenance as well as basic trouble shooting.

For the Standard Training courses the following dates are available:

When?What Course?Who?
February, 19-20FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
March, 19-20FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
April, 2-3        - FULLY BOOKED -FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
May, 14-15     - FULLY BOOKED -FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
June, 4-5FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
July, 16-17FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
August, 7-8FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
September, 11-12FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
October, 22-23FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
November, 5-6FFF User TrainingCustomer and User
December, 10-11FFF User TrainingCustomer and User

Regarding the seminar language there are German and English courses available. Please state in your registration what your preferred language should be.

We also offer regular Advanced Training Courses for customers who already have significant experience (6-12 months) in FFF-LS. For possible dates please inquire via

Please reserve your seat as early as possible because the number of participants per training is limited to ensure maximum access. For registration please contact us via!