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    Detection and characterization of engineered nanoparticles in complex matrices
  2. Aristov, Maria;Eichhorn, Ralf;Bechinger, Clemens, 2013
    Separation of chiral colloidal particles in a helical flow field
  3. Blasco, Cristina;Picó, Yolanda, 2011
    Determining nanomaterials in food
  4. Contado, Catia;Ravani, Laura;Passarella, Martina
    Size characterization by Sedimentation field flow fractionation of silica particles used as food additives
  5. Diaz, Ximena;Johnson, William P.;Fernandez, Diego;Naftz, David L., 2009
    Size and elemental distributions of nano- to micro-particulates in the geochemically-stratified Great Salt Lake