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EAF2000 Electrical AF4

Why EAF2000?


New Ways of Zetapotential Determination

Besides the existing methods for Zetapotential determination, EAF4 plays a special role and adds unique advantages to this field of science. This is because most traditional techniques are limited by concentration and are only batch type techniques, not able to deliver true charge distributions or at least only providing averages. With the new Postnova EAF2000 system it is now possible to either determine the Zetapotential value of a single particle or molecule species or also to determine a complete charge distribution for the entire particle size or molar mass distribution.

Powerful Malvern Zetasizer Nano Combination

The new Postnova EAF4 technology is designed to work as a stand-alone technique but will be even more powerful when combined with the leading industry standard Malvern Zetasizer Nano. In this case it is possible to use both systems online coupled together or still as independent systems. This combination provides unmatched possibilities, especially for validating Zetapotential results provided under different conditions.

Easy Upgrade of any existing AF2000

The new Postnova EAF2000 comprises three different additional components compared to a standard AF2000 Asymmetrical Flow FFF which is the PN2410 EFFF controller, the EAF4 channel and the corresponding software. These hardware and software modules can be easily added to any existing AF2000 system, further empowering any of these various AF2000 systems already running in laboratories around the world.

EAF2000 Electrical AF4