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AF2000 MultiFlow FFF - Universal Separator


Broad Separation Range

Other than as in HTGPC, the separation in HTFFF can also be performed for polymers up to molar masses of 109 Da. No size exclusion effect is observed, making HTFFF the ideal tool for the separation of large and ultra-large polymers or even nanoparticles.

Gentle Separation Conditions

Because of the open channel and the absence of any stationary phase, the separation can be performed under the absence of shear forces and stress to the macromolecule. Typical HTGPC problems, such as filtering/adsorption effects, shear induced chain degradation and late elution effects, can be avoided.

FOCUS Technology

The AF2000 HT incorporates Postnova’s FOCUS technology to ensure a continuous and stable detector flow at any time. This is an absolute necessity to be able to connect flow sensitive Viscometers and RI detectors. Additionally to this, the technology provides also a higher sample recovery, higher resolution and sensitivity. Another striking advantage of the Focus technology is the channel outlet which can be directly connected to the detector without any valves or T-pieces build in between. This ensures short transfer lines, low dead volumes and minimized band broadening.

Cross Flow System

Postnova is using a technology for generating the cross flow inside the FFF channel based on a double syringe pump. This pump is controlled in a special unique way avoiding any pulsation. The pump is completely inert and can easily produce constant and absolute flows ranging from 0,005 to 10 ml/min for different solvents. Using the volumetric based syringe pump technology, a certain volume per time is removed independently from the nature of the solvent and the temperature.

Flexibility & Interfaceability

The AF2000 MT series was developed to be used as Stand-Alone system or interfaced with existing HTGPC systems from various manufacturers. This gives the advantage that FFF and GPC can be performed using the same set or detectors, using the same temperature chamber for GPC and FFF.

AF2000 AT – Ambient Temperature Asymmetric Flow FFF