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PN7310 Solvent Selector

PN7310 Solvent Selector

The PN7310 Solvent Selector allows the selection of up to four different eluents for any FFF run. The module has an integrated selector which allows automatic switching between the premixed eluents for different runs. The module can be seamlessly integrated into the existing Postnova FFF Platform and is fully controlled by NovaFFF software. It is the ideal tool for increased sample throughput and systematic and efficient method development. Not only different carrier liquids can be selected but also pure water for rinsing or special cleaning solution before and after any run sequence to avoid any carry over. Solvent changes from aqueous over to organic carrier liquids can be automatically managed with the module as well.

Software Control

The PN7310 Solvent Selector is connected to the FFF system by Ethernet and controlled via the TCP-IP protocol. The module is fully controlled via an user interface which is embedded into the NovaFFF software for control and data acquisition of the FFF system. The software user interface allows configuration of the solvent selector settings as well as manual and automatic control of the switching valve functions. The PN7310 module can be used for the AF2000, CF2000 and TF2000 series of the Postnova FFF Platform and also is downward compatible to many former FFF systems.

PN7310 Solvent Selector
PN7310 Solvent Selector Screenshot

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