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TF2000 Thermal FFF - Polymer Separator

Why TF2000

Separation of Polymers, Gels and Particles

The TF2000 allows the simultaneous separation, characterization and fractionation of polymers, gels and particles within one measurement. The channel is reusable and only needs to be cleaned from time to time. There is no consumable which needs to be replaced frequently.

Broad Separation Range

Other than in chromatography, the separation in Thermal FFF can also be performed for polymers from 1 kDa up to molar masses of 10E9 and more Da. No size exclusion effect is observed, making the TF2000 the ideal tool for the separation of large and ultra-large cross-linked polymers.

Gentle Separation Conditions

Because of the open channel and the absence of any stationary phase the separation can be performed under the absence of shear forces and stress to the macromolecule. Typical chromatography problems, such as filtering/adsorption effects, shear induced chain degradation and late elution effects can be avoided.

Broad Range of Eluents

Because of the absence of the stationary phase, nearly any kind of organic and even some aqueous liquids can be used in Thermal FFF. Only the thermal diffusion properties of the polymers under investigation need to be sufficiently strong in the given eluent. This allows to easily use also aggressive and otherwise difficult to use eluents such as DMSO for starch analysis etc. There is no need to add salt such as LiBr which is often essential in chromatography to avoid polymer interacting with stationary phases.

R&D as well as QC Capability

Because the TF2000 does not use any membrane and is a very robust and easy to use instrument it can be easily employed as a routine tool for QC analysis 24/7 directly integrated into the chemical manufacturing processes. The TF2000 can be remote controlled, meets and conforms with the most stringent international security regulations and offers a series of automatic security features to allow unattended use. Temperature, pressure, leak and gas sensors are constantly monitoring the system for reproducibly and stable operation even in rough production environments.

Flexibility & Interfaceability

The TF2000 series was developed to be used as Stand-Alone system or interfaced with existing chromatographic systems from various manufacturers. This gives the advantage that FFF and GPC/LC can be performed using the same set or detectors, providing 2D information.

TF2000 Thermal FFF
Thermal FFF Principle 3D
Thermal FFF Principle 3D