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GF2000 Splitt FFF - Particle Fractionator

True Preparative Microparticle Fractionation

The GF2000 Gravitational Splitt FFF allows continuous separation and fractionation of microparticles by size and density. It is possible to collect mg to gram quantities and reach preparative scales. Samples can be purified and cleaned and purity and through-put can be controlled by the applied flow rates.

Broad Separation Range

The system is using a gravity field and thus can separate microparticles from about 1 to 100 µm in typical aqueous based carrier solutions. A resolution of 1 µm size difference can be achieved for smaller particles.

Gentle Separation Conditions

Because of the open channel and the absence of any stationary phase the separation in Splitt FFF can be performed under the absence of shear forces and stress avoiding particle aggregation. Also various aqueous based eluent liquids can be used so that the ideal conditions for suspending the particles can be maintained.

On-Line and Off-Line Detection

The GF2000 system can be easily hyphenated on- and off-line to additional advanced detection systems, such as Absorbance (UV/Vis), Fluorescence (FLD), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Optical Particle Detection (XPT), X-Ray, Laser Diffraction and Microscopy. The Splitt separation significantly reduces the particle sample complexity and by investigating the separated particle fractions these detection systems can provide more and better results compared to using them without any front end Splitt separation system.

NovaFFF XPT Particle Detection

The GF2000 has an online coupled Optical Particle Detection system, PN3000 XPT, as back end. This detection system allows to completely characterizing the separated particle size fractions as they elute from the Splitt channel. The included software allows determining the particles size, shape and number as well as the collection of pictures of each particle fraction.

GF2000 Splitt FFF
Gravitational Splitt FFF Principle
GF2000 Splitt FFF channel