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EAF2000 Electrical AF4

EAF2000 Electrical AF4


Software & Modules

The Postnova EAF2000 System is based on a standard AF2000 Asymmetrical Flow FFF system with an additional Electrical FFF module, special EAF4 channel and the EAF4 software module:

PN2410 Electrical FFF Module

PN2410 Electrical FFF module for precise control of the Electric Field allowing constant and reproducible separation conditions by state-of-the-art advanced electronics

EAF2000 Electrical Flow FFF Channel

EAF2000 Electrical Flow FFF channel with special built-in pole-reversible electrodes and resistant membrane for best possible cross flow performance

NovaFFF EAF4 Software Module

NovaFFF EAF4 software module for operation and data evaluation as well as additional electrophoretic mobility calculations

EAF2000 Electrical AF4
EAF2000 Electrical FFF Module
EAF2000 Software