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SC2000 Modular SEC

NovaSEC Software

The NovaSEC software suite is a complete software platform incorporating full system control, data collection, data evaluation and reporting.

The easy to use NovaSEC Software

  • Simple integration of hardware components e.g. autosampler, pumps and detectors
  • Intuitive, tab driven workflow to guide the user through the data calculation process
  • Examine structure through the straightforward interactive Branching tool
  • MALS data manipulation incorporated into the calculation and results tools
  • Important security and monitoring functions: Leak and vapour sensors, pump and system pressure with automatic shutdown of the system.
  • Log history file: main actions and controls are logged for each sample data file
  • PC and LAN controlled: integration within the local network (LAN) with own IP address for every system. State-of-the-art communication protocols using TCP/IP.

Instrument Modules

Solvent/Sample Handling:

Separation Module:


SC2000 Molecular SEC