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Recent publications:

  1. Alvarez, Nicolas Javier;Jeppesen, Claus;Yvind, Kresten;Mortensen, N. Asger;Hassager, Ole, 2013
    The chromatographic separation of particles using optical electric fields
  2. Aristov, Maria;Eichhorn, Ralf;Bechinger, Clemens, 2013
    Separation of chiral colloidal particles in a helical flow field
  3. Baumgard, Jens;Pohl, Marga-Martina;Kragl, Udo;Steinfeldt, Norbert, 2013
    Preparation of tailor-made supported catalysts using asymmetric flow field flow fractionation and their application in hydrogenation
  4. Contado, Catia;Vighi, Eleonora;Dalpiaz, Alessandro;Leo, Eliana, 2013
    Influence of secondary preparative parameters and aging effects on PLGA particle size distribution: a sedimentation field flow fractionation investigation
  5. Cortez, L. M.;Kumar, J.;Renault, L.;Young H. S.;Sim, V. L., 2013
    Mouse prion protein polymorphism 108F/189V affects the kinetics of fibril formation and the response to seeding; evidence for a two step nucleation polymerization mechanism.
  6. Cupelli, Claudio;Borchardt, Thorsten;Steiner, Thomas;Paust, Nils;Zengerle, Roland;Santer, Mark, 2013
    Leukocyte enrichment based on a modified pinched flow fractionation approach
  7. Cuss, C. W.;Gueguen, C., 2013
    Distinguishing dissolved organic matter at its origin: Size and optical properties of leaf-litter leachates
  8. Dou, Haiyang;Kim, Ki-Hoon;Lee, Byung-Chul;Choe, Jinkyu;Kim, Hyoun-Soo;Lee, Seungho, 2013
    Preparation and characterization of cyclo-1,3,5-trimethylene-2,4,6-trinitramine (RDX) powder: Comparison of microscopy, dynamic light scattering and field-flow fractionation for size characterization
  9. Fairey, Julian;Mash, Clinton;Do, Thien, 2013
    Improving disinfection byproduct precursor characterizations and removal using asymmetric flow-field flow fractionation
  10. Gascoyne, Peter R. C.;Shim, Sangjo;Noshari, Jamileh;Becker, Frederick F.;Stemke-Hale, Katherine, 2013
    Correlations between the dielectric properties and exterior morphology of cells revealed by dielectrophoretic field-flow fractionation