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1.30 - Posttranslation Modifications Other Than Glycosylation

Reference Type:Book Section
Author:Jenkins, N.
Author Addresses:University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Title:1.30 - Posttranslation Modifications Other Than Glycosylation
Secondary Title:Comprehensive Biotechnology (Second Edition)
Keywords:Biotherapeutics,Expression,Posttranslational modifications,Protein quality,Recombinant protein
Publishing Location:Burlington
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Abstract The production of monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant proteins is one of the major growth areas in the pharmaceutical industry. Mammalian cells are used to manufacture the majority of biotherapeutics, largely due to their ability to perform complex posttranslational modifications. Although significant progress has been made recently in improving product yields and protein quality, many challenges lie ahead to achieve consistently high product efficacy while avoiding potentially damaging protein modifications. In this article, the cellular and environmental influences on protein production and quality are examined, and strategies for improvements in product quality are reviewed. The analytical techniques required to detect these protein changes are also described, together with prospects for assay improvements.