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Supramolecular structures from dendrons and dendrimers

Reference Type:Journal Article
Author:Al-Jamal, Khuloud T.;Ramaswamy, Chandrasekaran;Florence, Alexander T.
Author Addresses:Centre for Drug Delivery Research, The School of Pharmacy, University of London, 29/39 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AX, UK
Title:Supramolecular structures from dendrons and dendrimers
Secondary Title:Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Periodical Title:Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Keywords:Dendrimers,Dendrons,Monolayer,Micelles,Dendrisomes,Vesicles,Dendriplexes,DNA complexes,Aggregates,Supramolecular assembly
Publishing Date: 28.11.2005
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This paper reviews aspects of the association of dendrons and dendrimers into a variety of supramolecular structures. There is such a wide range of primary dendron and dendrimer chemistries that it is still difficult to predict behaviour in aqueous media, and there are few studies in non-aqueous media. The aggregation of the primary units into larger and more complex forms leads to a wider range of potential carrier systems for drugs, genes and vaccines. This review deals principally with the association structures which can be formed. These include liquid crystalline structures and dendron block copolymer aggregates, surface monolayer formation, dendrimer derived nanoparticles, micellar structures and dendrisome (vesicle) formation. Of particular interest are DNA-dendrimer complexes and dendrimer-polyanion interactions. The in vivo behaviour of dendrons and dendrimers is of course crucial and is addressed. Dendrimer vesicle solubilisation by surfactants and emulsion stabilisation by dendrimers completes the survey of secondary structures. The challenge is to understand better the processes involved and to concentrate further on the design of the synthesis of dendrons and dendrimers which will associate into specific complex structures to increase the scope of dendrimer science.