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PN5120 Manual Injector

PN5120 Manual Injector & Channel Holder

The PN5120 Manual Injector and Holder is a modular holder and injection valve for different FFF channels and SEC columns. It allows storage of 4 x 1 L, 2 x 2 L or 1 x 2.5 L solvent containers on the included bottle storage platform. Also included is a manual injection valve in organic or aqueous solvent version. A special section of solvent and waste bottles is available.
The PN5120 can be used with different FFF separation channels, such as Micro, Mini, Analytical and Preparative FFF channels, HF5 channels and up to 3 standard SEC columns (300 mm). It comes premounted with all connectors and capillaries.

PN5120 Manual Injector

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