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PN3700 Zetasizer Nano DLS Detector

PN3700 Zetasizer Nano DLS Detector

Detection Principle:

Dynamic Light Scattering detector with non-invasive back scatter (NIBS®)

Temperature Range:

0°C - 90°C


S/ZS: 4 mW He-Ne, 633 nm
ZSP: 10 mW. 633 nm
Green Laser 532 nm on request

Laser Attenduator:

Automatic, transmission 100% to 0.0003%

Zeta Potential Sensitivity:

ZS: 10 mg/mL 66 kDa Protein
ZSP: 1 mg/mL 15 kDa Protein


Avalanche Photodiode,
Q.E > 50% at 633 nm

Product Laser Class:

Class 1 Compliant, EN 60825-1:2001 and CDRH

Particle Size Range (Dh):

0.3 nm - 10 µm

Minimum Sample Volume:

12 µL

Minimum Volume for Automated Measurement:

4 mL

Minimum Sample Concentration:

0.1 mg/mL Lysozyme
0.1 ppm polystyrene latex (60 nm)

Maximum Sample Concentration:

40% w/v*

Flow Rate Maximum:

1 mL/min

Absolute Molecuar Weight Range using Debye Plot:

980 Da - 2x10E7 Da+

Molecular Weight Range estimated from Hydrodynamic Diameter:

342 Da - 2x10E7 Da+


approx. 21 kg

Dimensions (WxHxL):

320 mm x 260 mm x 600 mm

Power Supply:

AC 120-240V; 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption:

100 W

NIBS® and Zetasizer are Trademarks of Malvern Ltd.