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PN3621 MALS Detector

PN3621 MALS Detector

Sample Cell Volume:

63 µL

Pressure Stability:

5 bar

Light Scattering Volume:

< 7.8 nL

Wetted Parts:

Glass, Stainless Steel, PVDF, PTFE +25 % carbon

Solvent Compatibility:

Aqueous and organic solvents with the same flow cell

Light Scattering Angles:

7°-164° at 21 Angles 0-4 Volt at 24 Bit 0.24 nV Resolution

Signal Processing:

DSP on every single Photo Detector, Different Filter Algorithms possible

Molar Mass Range:

Approx. 103 to 109 Daltons depending on sample

Radius of Gyration Range:

Approx. 8 nm to 500 nm depending on sample

Laser Specifications:

User adjustable 2.5-50 mW, 532 nm (green)

Laser Life Time:

Approx. 10.000 hours

Safety Functions:

Vapour Sensor
Leak Sensor

Cell Temperature Control:

10°C above Room Temperature up to 60°C
Stability ± 0.01°C at 35°C


46 cm x 26 cm x 16 cm

Shipping Weight :

17 kg

Power Requirements:

100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 155 W, Universal Power Input

Computer Requirements:

Needs a PC/System with a free Ethernet connection or a Ethernet Hub for operation!

Electronic Inputs/Outputs:

Error In/Out, Injection Ready
In/Out, Ethernet Interface