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PN8025 Fraction Collector

Easy operation with a large display screen

With 9 operation keys and a large 40 characters x 8 row display screen, it is easier than ever to input programming and parameter settings. The graph display of chromatography signals makes it easy to determine the status of fraction collection.

Reliable construction

The water-sensitive operation panel as well as the mechanical and electronic parts are placed behind the test tube rack to protect against water droplets for a practical, long-lasting design.

Supports different sized collection vessels

The vertical dial allows 70 mm of movement to adjust the dropper nozzle position to the test tube length (105 ~ 180 mm). The standard test tube rack will hold 120 tubes with a diameter of 12 ~15 mm (maximum of 18.1 mm with the standard rack holder removed). Large volume vessels can be set when the rack lid is removed.

Quick nozzle movement with high resolution

A sturdy frame and high resolution stepping motor are used. The nozzle moves accurately to the set position, from tube to tube in 0.1 seconds.

Unneeded constituents drained

Waste constituents are drained out so test tubes are not unnecessarily contaminated.

Safe, chemically resistant material

The exterior of the unit is made of flame retardant ABS plastic, and the test tube rack and drain are made of chemically resistant polypropylene.


Loaded with Unique Collection Functions

Simple mode

Collect by time, drops, volume or signal.

Peak mode

Specify up to a maximum of 10 peaks for identification. Peak determination may be made using a combination of absolute value and slope angle.

Window mode

A maximum of 16 windows (time ranges) may be set so that peaks are identified and fraction collection occurs only within each window. By setting the monitor time, non-peaks may also be collected in the test tubes.

Manual mode

Collect fractions while watching the chromatography signals displayed on the screen. A fraction may be reviewed under playback mode.

Sampling mode

Collect fractions for a set interval during a set period. Multiple collections may be set per test tube.

Multiple sample functions

After a fraction collection has completed, the next fraction sampling begins at the next test tube or after skipping one tube.

Synchronize the chromatogram and collection using the time delay function

Because of the distance from the UV absorption detector, refractometer or other instruments to the fraction collector dispense nozzle, there is a delay from the point of graphing until the sample is collected in the tube. By inputting the lag time, the collected sample can be set to accurately conform to the record (chromatogram).

Verify the fraction collection results by looking at the graph

The results of up to 500 events can be displayed. Chromatography signals are displayed in peak, window and manual modes.

Operate using a computer

Using a computer, the parameter settings for each mode as well as starting, ending, pausing and advancing can be controlled. By loading up to 500 fraction results into the computer, the operation history of the equipment and test results can be easily verified.

PN8025 Fraction Collector

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