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AF2000 MultiFlow FFF - Universal Separator

Temperature Range:

Cooling real 5°C
Heating max. 80°C

Measurement Range:

Polymers: 104-109Da / Nanoparticles: 1nm-10µm
(Depending on membrane and sample material)

Channel Cartridge System:

Postnova channel system:

  • Inner Volume: 0,5 -1,5 mL depending on spacer
  • Inner Channel Thickness: 350 µm (others available)
  • Outer Dimensions: 335 x 60 x 40 mm

Applicable Solvent Systems:

All typical organic and aqueous solvents.

Connected Detector Systems:

Typical LC and most other well-known detectors can also be used in AF4:

  • Low/Right/Multi Angle Light Scattering for MW/Rg
  • Viscometric Detection for MW/Rh
  • Refractive Index for Concentration
  • Infrared Detection for Polyolefin Concentration
  • Other Technologies: Please inquire on availability

Flow Rate Ranges / Pressure:

Detector Flow 0,01-2,0 mL/min at channel outlet
Cross Flow 0 or 0,005-10 mL/min
Channel Pressure up to 50 bar maximum

Required Analysis Time:

Typically 10-20 min; shorter/longer times possible

Electrical Power Requirements:

230V, 50Hz: Min-Max / 1,2 kW-3,6kW at 6,3-15,6A
110V, 60Hz: Min-Max / 0,6 kW-1,8kW at 6,3-15,6A
100V (Japan): Please inquire for power requirements.
All values are for the basic set-up without detectors only.

PC Requirements:

Windows OS, min.1024 MB RAM, 2 Ethernet ports

Software System:

Unique NovaFFF software platform for complete system control (autosampler, pumps, detectors), data acquisition (detector signals, pressure, flows) and evaluation as well as reporting functions (static light scattering calculations, standard calibration).

Maintenance Parts:

Pump seals, pistons and check valves as usual. The channel cartridge itself is inert and made of special unique materials. It can be regenerated after heavy use and thus be re-used many times.

Injection Volume:

  • Typically 10-1000 µL with autosampler injection
  • Typically 10-10.000 µL with manual injection

Band broadening is not affected by injection volume because of focus technology used inside.

Injected Sample Mass:

Limiting parameter is channel overloading which is primarily depending on the channel dimensions. Typically injected sample mass for given channel size is 10-100 µg. The maximum sample mass can go up to 500 µg, depending on sample nature.

AF2000 AT – Ambient Temperature Asymmetric Flow FFF