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AF2000 MultiFlow FFF - Universal Separator


AF2000 AT - Ambient Temperature Flow FFF

The most flexible, robust and reproducible Entry-Level Flow FFF system for Research Applications.


Application Range

The AF2000 AT is the basic modular system which marks the Entry Level of the Postnova AF2000 MultiFlow platform. The system is non-temperature controlled and runs at typical ambient laboratory conditions from 15° to 25°C. It is ideal for standard research applications in university research groups and educational institutions with a clear focus and defined application range. The AF2000 is the best choice and a good starting point for groups which want to enter into the area of Field-Flow Fractionation for the first time. It is available as aqueous metal-free, stainless steel and multisolvent version and can be run with a broad range of aqueous and organic solvents. Planar Asymmetric Flow FFF (AF4) and circular HollowFiber Flow FFF (HF5) channels can used at the same time. Various detection principles, such as UV-Absorbance (UV), Refractive Index (RI), Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS) can be coupled easily online.

System Hardware

It is the Postnova's clear mission to only offer fully optimized and professional FFF hardware, software and support solutions. Therefore, the AF2000 AT series is a basic but completely optimized Flow FFF system which contains all necessary standard modules and components in the package that are required for a robust, reliable and fully operable Flow FFF system. There is no need for assembling and utilizing semi-suited third party HPLC components which are often just made for other purposes, show less flexibility and are not available in the strict specifications needed for FFF applications. The AF2000 AT series is a true ready-to-use non-compromise Flow FFF system where no additional components are required.

The system incorporates the complete set of Postnova's proven FFF technologies which makes it the most easy-to-use, robust and reproducible system available. The AF2000 AT system is comprising an Eluent Organizer (PN7205), an Eluent Degasser (PN7520), an Eluent Pump (PN1130), a Focus Pump (PN1130), a Flow FFF Control Module with integrated electronic interface and cross-flow syringe pump (AF2000 Module), a Manual Injector Holder (PN5120), a user-selectable Asymmetric / HollowFiber Flow FFF channel (AF4/HF5) and a Control PC with the NovaFFF software suite for operation of the AF2000 AT system.

Additional System Options

The AF2000 AT Flow FFF is available in different versions and additionally can be upgraded and customized for special applications by adding extra system options. This can be done at the date of purchase or later as an upgrade.

  • EFS Eluent Filtration System
  • UVD Eluent Disinfection Module
  • SAM Manual/Auto Injector with Options
  • ELC Aqu. Metal-free/Organic/MultiSolvent
  • AF4/HF5 Channel Versions and Membranes
  • S3 Outlet Splitting Sensitivity Enhancer
  • RID Refractive Index Detection System
  • UVD Absorbance Detection System
  • FLD Fluorescence Detection System
  • MALS Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector
  • DLS Zetasizer* Dynamic Light Scattering Detector
  • ICP-MS Online Connection and Interface
  • FRA Automatic Fraction Collector with Options

System Software

The unique NovaFFF single software platform is used for full control and data acquisition of the entire AF2000 AT Flow FFF together with associated peripheric modules (such as Auto Injector, Fraction Collectors) and detectors (LS, RI, UV, FLD). The software also allows comprehensive data analysis and evaluation based on Relative Standard Calibration and Absolute Light Scattering methods. Furthermore, the software is also the platform to run all major FFF versions, including AF2000 MultiFlow FFF, CF2000 Centrifugal FFF and TF2000 Thermal FFF. This, together with additional features, makes NovaFFF the most advanced and leading software platform available for FFF applications today.

Service & Support

In order to assist our users in achieving the best results and getting the maximum output from their FFF system without any time delay, Postnova offers a series of differently adjusted services and support activities. These services have been optimized to perfectly fit each step of the live cycle of any FFF system, from installation and initial training, via maintenance during operation all the way to relocation and upgrade services to keep up with new technological developments.

  • Installation Services
  • User Training Courses
  • System Maintenance
  • Relocation Services
  • Upgrade & Update Services

Further customized services and special maintenance contracts are available for the FFF systems including detection and also for some selected modules of the systems. Please inquire at:


Zetasizer* is a trademark of Malvern Instr.

AF2000 AT – Ambient Temperature Asymmetric Flow FFF
AF4 Principle with Porous Channel Bottom
AF4 Channel Analytical Sandwich